Bill Bartmann – Billionaire Business Systems Member Site (2012)

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Bill Bartmann – Billionaire Business Systems Member Site (2012)

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Bill Bartmann – Billionaire Business Systems Member Site (2012)




Bill Bartmann – Billionaire Business Systems Member Site (2012)

Bill Bartmann – Billionaire Business Systems Member Site (2012)

Bill Bartmann - Billionaire Business Systems Member Site

Self-esteem is our internal view of our self. This internal view is the product of the data
that is retrieved when the subconscious mind searches for information regarding our
capability to perform the mission at hand.
Our memory bank doesn’t give all of the information it has gathered the same priority.
Our memory bank receives so much data in the course of a day, week, month, year,
lifetime it cannot possibly put all of it in a place for INSTANT RETRIEVAL.
Since it can’t give all of the data it receives equal treatment – it gives top priority to those
things we tell it are important. It will allow us to recall in an instant a trauma we had as a
child – and forget what we did yesterday – last week.
Remember the question each person asks himself before he or she embarks on an
uncharted path:
Do I really think I can do this thing?
Do I really think I can have this thing?
Do I really think I can be this thing?

The moment you unconsciously ask that question – your subconscious mind begins to
search your memory bank for data that will help it answer that question.
Sadly, for most of us – our subconscious mind will retrieve a lot more negatives than
positives. Why does that happen – are we all just a big bunch of losers?
No! Quite to the contrary – we are winners. But we are also victims of a very bad habit.
We have been taught to let MODESTY – trump HONESTY!
If I were to ask a 100 people which of these two virtues is the most important – virtually
everyone of them would say “HONESTY’. Yet when it comes to our self – almost all of
allow MODESTY to trump HONESTY.
When we experience our successes, our accomplishments, our achievements, our awards,
our compliments our praises – we have been taught to be modest. We have been taught

to say “aw shucks – it was no big thing”, or “anyone could have done it”…or some
equivalent statement.
We have all done that very thing. We’ve blown off a compliment. We shrugged off an
accomplishment – because we didn’t want anyone to think we were bragging or being
We have been taught to downplay our successes. Now that might not have been so bad if
we also had been taught to downplay our failures…but no, that is not at all what happens.
We get the double whammy – we are taught to downplay our successes, our
accomplishments and achievements – and at the same time we are taught to make a big
deal out of our mistakes, our failures. Subsequently, our subconscious mind can quickly
and easily retrieve all of the negatives that have happened in our life. As a result, when
our subconscious mind searches our memory bank to see if it thinks we can safely
accomplish a particular task…it finds plenty of negatives and not very many positives.
Our subconscious mind can quickly find our negatives because we gave them so much
importance. Our subconscious mind has trouble finding our positives because we treated
them as so unimportant.
If we had merely been HONEST instead of MODEST, if we had given our successes as
much attention as we have given our failures – our subconscious mind would have
retrieved ALL of our previous accomplishments. It would then have drawn an entirely
different conclusion regarding our ability to accomplish that particular task. It then
would have begun to assist us in the effort – instead of doing the exact opposite….

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