Chris Howard – Master Results Certification

//Chris Howard – Master Results Certification

Chris Howard – Master Results Certification

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Chris Howard – Master Results Certification




Chris Howard – Master Results Certification

Chris Howard – Master Results Certification

Chris Howard - Master Results Training


“To attempt to change circumstances before you change your imaginal
activity is to struggle against the very nature of things. There can be no
outer change until there is first an imaginal change.”

f you were introduced to a quick effective technique
to create change in your life instantly, in your
finances, health, relationships, and career, would you
try it?
Christopher Howard, an internationally acclaimed
expert in accelerated change technologies and
leadership, has made a career out of guiding people
to immediately transform ineffective thoughts and
behaviors into adaptable, successful ones that allow
them to create the results they want in their lives.
Howard’s unique Results Technologies are the next
generation of tools for achievement. They are a hybrid
science grown out of and improving on several models
dating back to earlier last century. What started with
Korzybski’s general semantics in the 1930’s, was
further developed by Bandler and Grinder in the early
70’s into Neuro-linguistic Programming or NLP.
Since then the field was popularized in the 80s by the
likes of Tony Robbins, and now Howard brings these
cutting edge tools into their fourth generation, adding
his unique understanding of hypnosis and quantum
physics to create change in a fraction of the time it
has taken in the past.

“Think of the human brain as being the most fantastic
biocomputer ever created,” explains Howard, who has
personally led, managed, launched or turned around
numerous organizations and businesses in the past
decade. “But it’s not user friendly. The technologies
we teach are kind of like a Users Guide. Installing
a new system, such as the mindset of someone like
Gandhi, for example, is like upgrading your software
In his courses, Howard uses Results Technologies to
instigate instant change on a subconscious level.
“Instead of looking only at therapists as a source
to model, I began looking to the greatest spiritual,
world and business leaders of all time, such as
Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, and Richard Branson

(the mastermind behind Virgin Records and Virgin
Airlines), to name a few.”
From this research Howard created his Results
Technologies. They are tools that allow you to create
your life the way that you want by expanding your
self-concept and expanding the results that you are
able to produce in any context.
“Through the technique of Cognitive Profiling, we can
look at any result that anybody has ever produced and
replicate that result in a fraction of the time,” explains
Howard. “In the various courses we teach in our Fast
Track to Success, Cognitive Profiling and Cognitive
Re-imprinting, along with other tools, are taught as
a means of accelerating one’s own success We teach
how to replicate or expand excellence.”

So how does it work? Let’s say somebody wants to
become a multi-billionaire or super success, and they
choose Oprah Winfrey as their role model. “Her success
is the result of a superior mindset,” says Howard.
“The question then becomes; “How can we emulate
and install her psychology into somebody else?” All
of Oprah’s qualities, her values, attitudes, beliefs, the
decisions she’s made, how she sees people, and the
strategies she uses to produce the results she wants,
are analyzed and broken down. “One of Oprah’s main
driving forces is to be loved,” explains Howard. “We
can take that and then analyze the strategies she used
to run that driving force. Part of what this technology
does is allow us to break things down into small
enough parts to make them transferable.”
The manner in which Cognitive Re-imprinting
transfers such parts to an individual includes adjusting
their values and beliefs in a way that serves their
highest potential. “We all have certain ways we code
and store information in our minds and bodies. A
‘value’ is simply what is important to you, and values
will largely shape your world,” elaborates Howard.
“A ‘belief’ is simply a feeling of certainty about…

The Manual Sections: 
1 – Neurological Repatterning
2 – Quantum Linguistics
3 – Values
4 – Advanced Neurological Repatterning
5 – Precision Repatterning
6 – Masterful Hypnosis
7 – Spin Patterns
9 – Strategies
9 – Performance Consulting

The Video Sessions: 
Session 1 – Intro to Master Leader & Transformational Leader & Coach Training
Session 2 – Neurological Repatterning
Session 3 – Expanded Awareness, Linguistic Presuppositions and Boundaries
Session 4 – Quantum Linguistics
Session 5 – Mind Expansion, Holographic Nature of Memory and NeuroScience
Session 6 – Constructing Realities and Breaking Boundaries
Session 7 – Identity Expansion, Decision Destroyer, Solution Model & Spatial Scramble
Session 8 – Expanded Awareness and Parts Integration Process
Session 9 – Inductive Communication and Advanced Parts Integration and Behavior Destroyer
Session 10 – Values vs Beliefs vs Attitudes
Session 11 – Values Evolution Levels 1 – 8
Session 12 – Values Discussion – Global Contribution and Higher Purpose
Session 13 – Ethical Considerations of the Different Levels of Values and Values Elicitation Process
Session 14 – Surface & Deep Level Values and Formulation of Values
Session 15 – Format of a Successful Meeting, frames & Closes and Tactics of Negotiation
Session 16 – Model for Accelerated Transformation and How to Change Our Old Model to the New Model of the World
Session 17 – SPIN PATTERNS Explained
Session 18 Part 1 – Preview to Speaker Training and Expanded Awareness Exercise
Session 18 Part 2 – Speaker Training Intro and Emotional Flexibility Drill
Session 19 Part 1 – What are meta-Programs?
Session 19 Part 2 – Complex meta Programs
Session 19 Part 3 – Success Orientation Filter and other Complex meta-Programs
Session 19 Part 4 – Energy Direction Filter and other Complex meta-Programs
Session 19 Part 5 – Comparison Filter and other Complex meta-Programs
Session 19 Part 6 – Inferential Speaker Filter and other Complex meta-Programs
Session 19 Part 7 – Eliciting meta-Programs, Final meta-Program Session
Session 20 Part 1 – Introduction to Modeling, Cognitive Re-Imprinting and Cognitive Profiling
Session 20 Part 2 – Modelling the Best of the Best (Billionaires)
Session 20 Part 3 – Final Session on Modelling, Macro-Strategies Broken Down Into Micro-Strategies
Session 21 – Using all the Tools and Processes for Business Consulting and Speaking
Session 22 – Advanced Precision Repatterning Technique and Process
Session 23 Part 1 – Decision Destroyer Technique and Process
Session 23 Part 2 – Trans-Derivational Search Technique and Process
Session 23 Part 3 – Thirst for Empowering, Positive and Life-long Learnings










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