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//Dan Kennedy – Opportunity Concept Marketing

Dan Kennedy – Opportunity Concept Marketing

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Dan Kennedy – Opportunity Concept Marketing




Dan Kennedy – Opportunity Concept Marketing

Dan Kennedy – Opportunity Concept Marketing

Dan Kennedy - Opportunity Concepts Marketing


Welcome to Dan Kennedy’s OPPORTUNITY CONCEPTS MARKETING Training. While these recordings omit some group discussion, question and answer, hot seats, films shown, and a few other items, the majority of the core Training and most of the 3 days’ sessions are intact here.

To be clear, this is NOT a training about marketing actual business or moneymaking opportunities, although they are often used as examples and referred to, there were entrepreneurs from that field in attendance, and everything said is definitely applicable to the sale of such opportunities. This is broader. This is about marketing just about anything, but certainly information products, courses, seminars, coaching programs and business services by transformation of them so that they can be presented with opportunity concepts and language. In this context, increasing the sales of pet shops, the leadership skills of executives, or weight loss can be presented as opportunity concepts.

Dan’s experience with both actual opportunity and opportunity concept marketing spans nearly 40 years, and, as you will see, his depth of experience and knowledge about these very advanced and sophisticated strategies is unrivaled.

You can always find more of Dan’s resources, including those derived from other advanced trainings on different specialized topics at DanKennedy.com/store. These include multi-day programs like the Influential Writing Workshop, the Renegade Millionaire Retreat and the 7- Figures Academy.

Now, we’ll join the Opportunity Concepts Marketing Training shortly after the start of the first morning….

We’re going to look at the different approaches that pure opportunity marketers take with their prospects and you’ll see examples. But by pure opportunity marketer, I mean somebody who is selling a “get rich, make money opportunity” to the great unwashed masses. They are not in a business niche. They are not selling how to make your business better or they’re not selling a marketing system. They are taking the guy preparing our food or the guy parking the car out front right off the street and they are convincing him to buy this “get rich” thing. They are convincing him to change careers to suddenly become a real estate investor or an internet marketer or whatever. And so that’s what I mean by pure opportunity marketer.

And as you will see, if you have not studied them much, their approach is very different than most info marketers, we’ll for shorthand we’ll say Planet Dan info marketers, some overlap but for the most case their approaches are very, very, very different. And one reason for that is they know and understand and respond to one thing about prospects that most of you do not and so we’ll see that surface as we go along. Obviously we’re going to…

Dan Kennedy
Opportunity Concepts Marketing

Sell just about anything better using opportunity marketing concepts. Reveals how to bridge the “Grand Canyon Sized Gap”
between what your prospect really thinks and your current sales message.
Dan shares the game-changers of pure opportunity marketing
by comparing and contrasting the opportunity marketer’s approach to the two sales approaches most commonly used in marketing.
Discover how to apply opportunity selling concepts to better attract a more committed customer, craft a story that connects to
where your prospect actually is mentally and taps into your customer’s desire so you can greatly elevate your revenues and profits.












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