Dr. Joseph Riggio – Million-Dollar High-Ticket Groups & Programs 2.0

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Dr. Joseph Riggio – Million-Dollar High-Ticket Groups & Programs 2.0

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Dr. Joseph Riggio – Million-Dollar High-Ticket Groups & Programs 2.0




Dr. Joseph Riggio – Million-Dollar High-Ticket Groups & Programs 2.0

Dr. Joseph Riggio – Million-Dollar High-Ticket Groups & Programs 2.0

Dr. Joseph Riggio – Million-Dollar High-Ticket Groups & Programs 2.0

Thanks for being here, we’re going to start “on-time” today I want you to know is that I’m really excited to be here with you today … I’m going to share a lot of information, when I get to the Q. & A. section I’ll do my best to answer every question that might come up!
I also want you to know that my intention is to keep this fun and informational, and I’m going to keep us moving quickly as well.

Today I Promise I Going To Show You …

How To Design & Deliver A Million
Dollar Group Or Program Without
Any Heavy-Duty Marketing Required!

And just for sticking around until the end, I will give you a couple of FREE bonuses at the end of this
free training right after the Q&A
1) You Will Get ALL These Slides
2) I’ll give you the exact outline you need to follow to do what I’ll presenting here today

And The Winner Is…
So please close Skype, door, texts, messengers, etc We’ll also be playing a bit of a game, where at the end I’m going to ask you a question about today’s presentation, and then I’ll pick one out of everyone who answers it correctly and I’m going to give you a gift worth over $2000 if you get the answer right and I pick your name out of the list of folks who get the

If I promise to give you great content, do I have your permission to take 10 Minutes to give you a great offer for you to consider? If that
sounds fair Type “Yes” in the chat.

This is all up to you and I won’t do it unless I give you something you can use in your marketing today and only with your permission.

2 Free Give Away’s
We’re also giving away two $100 gift certificates on amazon.com that you can use for anything you want …

One now… one after Q&A
First Free Give Away
Question is…
Who I am and why you
should listen to me
• Like most folks who I grew up around I strived to live and color within the lines, because that’s what I thought I was supposed to be doing to succeed
• I started out my “official” professional life as an architect
• I got married
• I had a child and …
• I was living in a great home in a beautiful community in Northern N.J.,

But Watching My Life
Crumble Wasn’t Any Fun …
• But I knew I wasn’t living my life, I wasn’t having the experience my own life. I was standing on the side watching it slide by day after day.
• As I began to wake up to that, that beautiful life began to slip away and crumble before my eyes.
• My marriage disintegrated, I found myself back in my parents home trying to decide what to do next, where I would go, who I would be with, feeling like a total and utter failure in my life.

Redoubling My Effort To “Succeed” …
• Yet, I held on to that expectation that others had of me with tooth and claw … and once again I “succeeded” in the same way I always had …
• Along the way I met the most incredible woman that I knew I wanted to spend my life with from the moment I saw her, but, she didn’t want to spend her life with the man she saw standing in front of her.
• So the choice became simple … go on collecting more gold rings, or change. So I changed.

Finding My “True Story”
• I went back to my roots, and began living with the intention of remaining true to myself.
• I began breaking the rules that made no sense to me.
• I started making up my own rules, while I continued learning from others.
• I used my talent at finding the folks who were the very best at what they do and I engaged them, I aligned with them, I learned from them and with them.
A Different Kind Of Story
• When I started breaking the rules based on who other people thought I was supposed to be and what I was supposed to be doing and
accomplishing …
• The something remarkable starting happening … I started to remember myself as I had been before I thought I was supposed to accomplish something.
• I began to feel complete and whole again.

Million-Dollar High-Ticket Groups & Programs for Coaches & Consultants (v2.0) & Bonus Bundle

Get Access To The Full High-Ticket Groups & Programs for Coaches & Consultants (v2.0) OnLine Live Training – 8 Weekly Modules – Beginning 4 October 2

5 Program Modules

Establish & Install Your Own High-Ticket Mindset, Attitude & Presumption

Decide On A Specific High-Ticket Audience

Establish A Defined, Achievable Outcome For Your High Ticket Audience

Design A Predictable Program To Deliver Your High-Ticket Promise

Create An Irresistible “Perfect” Offer To Sell The High-Ticket Program To Your Audience

Bonus Modules

Bonus Module One: Your First Small Program Together That Generates $2000 In 30 Days

Bonus Module Two: Build Your High-Ticket Outreach Campaign

Bonus Module Three: Enroll People And Deliver Your High-Ticket Program

The Bonus Bundle Material:

TCP | The Complete Package Digital Training Package ($347)

Secrets of Wealth Attraction Success 2-Hr. HD Video ($99)

Kick-Ass Consulting Strategies ($97)

Full Kick-Ass Consulting Strategies Program ($997)

INFLUENCE! Full Program Recordings ($1997)

2 Months UA Sapphire MasterMind ($1800)

Free Ticket To The “2018 Kick-Ass Consulting Bootcamp”($4500)

Private Social Network

Private Discussion Group






















































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