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Frank Kern – Info Business Blueprint

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Frank Kern – Info Business Blueprint




Frank Kern – Info Business Blueprint

Frank Kern – Info Business Blueprint

Frank Kern – Info Business Blueprint

Escape And Arrive Framework

The Purpose Of This Worksheet Is To Simply Map Out Every Milestone Your Prospect Must Pass Through In Order To Escape And Arrive.

Here’s an example of a GLOBAL framework showing ALL the milestones for an existing business owner who wants to go from not selling
online to selling online.

Notice we’re just mapping out the “big picture”. We’re not listing all the details of each milestone (such as “set up website”) …we’re just listing the milestones themselves. We don’t have to create products or build content around each milestone … but we do need to know what the milestones are so we can better relate to our prospect’s needs and be of better help to the customer. We’ll fill in the details for the milestones we want to create products around when we get to the Milestone Level.

Use the template on the next page to brainstorm your Global Framework.

Next, circle which milestones youmight create products and/or leadmagnets around. Also write out the product type.

Next (while you’re thinking about it) use the following page to brainstorm titles for each type of product you might create. Remember – we’ll outline the content of the actual products later, right now we’re just brainstorming ideas for each producttype.
It’s impossible to do this wrong …have fun and happy
“scheming” :-)…

Module 1: Escape and Arrival

Current Blockbuster Examples of The Five Product Types
Competitive Overview and Dissection of Existing Info Businesses
The Three Selling Systems. (Competitive Spy Footage)
The Escape And Arrival framework

Module 2: Personalized Product Production

The “Crystal Ball” Approach to See if They’ll Buy.
Uncovering The Sales Segment
Personalized Product Production.
Liquidator Products
Bread And Butter Products
Modulated Courses
Big Ticket Interactive
Content Compounding

Module 3: Passive Selling Systems

Build A List
Sell Them Stuff
Opt In
Pre-Built Templates for All Pages
VSL Template with Slides
Sales Letter Template
Webinar Template with Slides
Content/Pitch Template

Module 4: Instant Audience

The Sole Function of driving traffic is to turn a Profit.
The only people you should target are those likely to Buy.
The most Consistent source of traffic and customers is from Advertising.
The trick to making advertising work is to start Small and Scale.
Know Best Before You Test
Two-Minute Campaign Quickstart
The Pre-Sell Ad
The Deep-Funnel Ad
The Only Four Metrics

The Goal: A Highly Automated System That Produces Consistent Sales As Passively As Possible.







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