Gabriel St-Germain – eCom Blueprint

//Gabriel St-Germain – eCom Blueprint

Gabriel St-Germain – eCom Blueprint

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Gabriel St-Germain – eCom Blueprint




Gabriel St-Germain – eCom Blueprint

Gabriel St-Germain – eCom Blueprint

(How I Generated $1,083,252 In 5 Months With One Product)

Gabriel St-Germain – eCom Blueprint

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Useful Books to Read
These eight books have had a direct impact on my success and I would highly recommend
them to everyone in the course. Although they are not directly related to drop shipping or
online business, they cover important principles that underlie any sort of success.
They are listed in the order of impact that they had on me.
– The Slight Edge
– The Power of Habit
– Think and Grow Rich
– The One Thing
– Outliers
– The Dip
– Managing Oneself
– Blue Ocean Strategy

An easy way to get through these books is to use the compound effect discussed in this
module. Set a goal to read 10 or 15 pages daily — not too much or you risk not being able to
stick to it.

“How I Generated $1,083,252 In 5 Months With One Product”

Learn how to differentiate yourself by building a store around one product.

Based around a “reveal it all” case study, see how I used this blueprint to generate over $1 million in sales in 5 months with one product. Includes access to an exclusive Facebook group.

What is the eCom Blueprint course?

eCom Blueprint is a case study based course designed as an extension of my YouTube channel.

I reveal my one-product store that generated over $1 million in sales in 5 months (20% profit) and show exactly how I started the store, scaled it, and managed the operations.

The goal with this case study course is to show you all the theory that I teach on my channel in practice and give you a concrete example to follow.

What You Will Learn

  • How to select a proven product to build a one-product brand around
  • How to create a one product brand and position yourself as a market leader
  • How to kickstart your sales and gather data using cost-effective IG influencer ads
  • How to use Facebook ads to take your store to the next level and generate sales consistently
  • How to scale one product to $5000/day in profitable ad spend with Facebook ads
  • How to effectively automate order fulfillment with a dropshipping agent and lower your costs
  • How to hire VAs and properly structure your customer service team
  • How to develop the winning mindset you need in order to succeed
  • Based on an in-depth one product store case study – $1 million in sales in under 5 months

More Reasons to Join

  •  Get access to a private Facebook group with direct access to me and other group members
  •   Get access to copy & paste templates for structuring your customer service team
  •  Get the contact information for my dropshipping agent to automate your fulfillment


  •  You understand the dropshipping model and you know how to fulfill orders

  •   You know how to set up a simple store with Shopify

  •  You understand the basics of online marketing (social media marketing, Facebook ads, etc.)

  •  You’ve watched my “Free Course” playlist on YT already, and you want to take things to the next level










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