GKIC – The Source Code to Business Success and Advanced Wealth Attraction

//GKIC – The Source Code to Business Success and Advanced Wealth Attraction

GKIC – The Source Code to Business Success and Advanced Wealth Attraction

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GKIC – The Source Code to Business Success and Advanced Wealth Attraction




GKIC – The Source Code to Business Success and Advanced Wealth Attraction

GKIC – The Source Code to Business Success and Advanced Wealth Attraction

GKIC – The Source Code to Business Success and Advanced Wealth Attraction

OBJECTIVE: At the end of this session you’ll learn how to prepare for a podcast show, record
and launch a podcast, and how to attract new qualified leads that will ultimately build your customer base.
STEP 1: Commit
In order to succeed as a podcaster, before you pick up a microphone or even know what your
show is about, you must first internally commit to doing a podcast. It’s easy to get excited about
the potential and what it can do for you and your brand, but it will only help you if you commit
to it and serving your audience through this platform. Success does not happen overnight, but it
can absolutely happen!
My best advice is to enjoy every single part of it. Once you start thinking,“Ugh, I have to record
another episode soon,” that’s when you should remember why you started podcasting in the first place.
Results take time, so you might as well enjoy it.

STEP 2: Prepare Your Show Content
1. What will your show content be about?
2. How will it differ from other shows that serve the same audience?
3.What will the format be like?
4.How often will you publish an episode?
5.How often will you record an episode?
6.What call-to-actions will you include?
STEP 3: Prepare Your Show Details
1.Podcast Title
2.Host Name / Talent Name
3.Podcast Subtitle
4.Podcast Description
5.Podcast Artwork (1400 x 1400 – but make sure
it’s readable on mobile devices)

STEP 4: Get the Equipment, Software You Need
1.Microphone & Accessories
a. low end: Audiotechnica ATR-2100
b. high end: Heil PR-40
2. Media Hosting Company
• Libsyn.com (Use coupon code for discount: SPI)
3. Audio editing software
• High-end: Adobe Audition
• Garageband
• Free: Audacity (Mac or PC)
4. Audio Bumpers / Royalty-Free Music / Sounds
• MusicRadioCreative.com (custom intros and transitions)
• iStockPhoto.com (go to audio for music selections)
• AudioJungle.com
5. Skype
• For Interviews
• iCall Recorded for Mac
• Pamela for Skype PC Users…

The Source Code to Business Success
Advanced Wealth Attraction

Never Before And Never Again: Dan Kennedy Takes You Deep Inside What Makes Money Move.

“Discover The Secret SOURCE CODE To Business Success And Advanced Wealth Attraction That’ll Allow You To Transform Your Business And Open The Floodgates To More Wealth, Power And Freedom.”

Chances Are, You Have Accidentally Placed OBSTACLES In The Way Of The Flow Of Money Into Your Life And Are Relying Too Much On Advertising Methods, Sales Tactics, And Sheer Will Power To Put More Money In Your Pocket.

This One-Time-And-One-Time-Only “REVEAL” By The World’s Highest Paid Copywriter/Marketing Consultant Will Unveil The Architecture Of Business Success And Wealth Attraction That’ll Better Align Yourself With The Natural Forces And Patterns Of The Movement Of Money.

Dear Savvy Marketer,

What I have to share with you is not for the timid or the faint of heart. It could go against deeply cemented beliefs you have about wealth, money, prosperity, business success, and its sources.

In fact, you may find yourself at odds or deeply offended by what you’re about to read.

But I urge you to suspend your skepticism and keep reading every single word of this message.

That’s because I’m going to reveal how to better align yourself with the natural forces of money so you can make money move to you easier than ever before.

I’m also going to show you practical business strategies and applications of these Forces so you can make yourself more magnetic and attractive to your target audience.

In fact,

This Is How I Earn $19,000 Per Consulting Day And Get Paid Up To $2 Million Dollars Per Marketing Campaign…

This is something that nobody has “connected the dots” for you before, but keep reading and you’ll discover how to get a whole host of TOOLS that’ll help you bridge the gap between ideas and implementation.

These unusual and unorthodox approach to increasing income and wealth is ideal for:

Any local or regional brick-n-mortar businesses, retail, or service business owner/operator who is interested in making more money then they’ve ever made in their life, transcend typical money limitations, and be able to make your competition impotent and irrelevant.
Any self-employed professional, doctor, lawyer, consultant, “guru,” speaker, info-marketer, or sales professional who relies on influencing people for personal income needs to keep reading this message.
Anyone “stuck”, who feels like they are constantly spinning their wheels, trading dollars for hours, feels like they’re doing the right things but don’t see any spike in their bank account balance. This message is for you…especially if you’re sick and tired of constantly hearing about what others in your field are getting.
Anyone feeling “burned out” by their business and are looking for a fresh start-or a transition-so they can build the lives that will allow them to achieve more freedom and prosperity.
Anyone achieving awesome results but is doing so under a lot of stress, strife and difficulty-who constantly feels like they’re swimming upstream without a paddle. You’ll get more autonomy in your life and be less beholden to your business…or to anyone for that matter.

If any of these resonate with you, then keep reading every single word of this message.

Because to be honest, chances are:

You Probably Have A Dysfunctional
Relationship With Money And Business Success

I know you want to be rich and successful. But chances are, you’re not operating under an architecture that’s in sync with attracting wealth.

In fact, this is the secret reason why so many work hard and do so much but can never seem to get ahead. They think they just have to “work hard” advertise more, learn new selling tactics, and rely on sheer will power.

But the truth is, all these ads, strategies, tactics, will just allow you to barely “get by” while others who know these secrets are catapulted into success and status.

Sure, you’re probably providing value in exchange for money. But chances are, you’re not building something that money is excited by…that is in alignment with the Rules of Money.

It’s like building a Mansion with 10 bedrooms and 1 bathroom…the market will find this configuration unappealing and stay away from it. In the same vein, people are building businesses and lives that are unappealing to money…which is why most people struggle.

So if you’re struggling in your business and always find yourself spinning your wheels in the mud, then-chances are-it’s not your fault.

You’re probably asking money to navigate an obstacle course of attitudinal, emotional, and behavioral barriers. You’re also asking it to comply to business practices, marketing strategies, and price that aren’t in alignment with the TRUTH about money and wealth.

In other words, you’re not consciously aware of the obstacle course you have accidently erected for yourself. This war zone is SABOTAGING you from achieving more money and business success…and you didn’t even know it’s there!

You need to reorganize how money moves to you…and how business success can come to you…and how it can be accomplished. And this letter is going to show you how to do it.

I’m Going To Take You On A New And Exceptionally Advanced “Reveal” Of How To Attract Wealth And Business Success I’ve NEVER Revealed Before.











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